WARNING: This website is all about telling it “like it is.”  I think in this day and age far too much time is spent trying to candy coat things to make them “socially acceptable”…and not enough time is spent speaking clearly and plainly.  So I’m going to present this training exactly like I would if I were speaking to you in person across the table.  If I think something is bullshit, I’m not going to say it’s “BS”… I’m just going to say it’s bullshit.  So if you’re the type of person that’s going get their panties in a bunch because I use the occasional curse word you might not like my style of training.

If, however, you like having information provided to you in a clear and concise “no nonsense” fashion, without any candy coating then you have come to the right place.                                                ~John Deckard

TEACHING you what your upline doesn’t even want to TELL you…the TRUTH about Network Marketing!

Let me clarify that, by saying…I’m not trying to imply that your upline is intentionally “lying” to you…they are probably really nice people, who are teaching you exactly what/how they were taught.

It’s just that some of the lessons you need to learn in this industry are “unpleasant.”

Your upline probably believe that their job is to be your cheerleader…and that they should candy coat the medicine, so that it tastes better.

I, on the other hand am going to tell you some things that you are not going to “want” to hear…but that you really “need” to be told.

There are a lot of “half-truths” and outright “fictions” being taught in this industry.  And it’s about time that someone just spelled it all out in plain and simple language.

Every time I hear someone giving a presentation say “This is easy”…“ There are no sales involved”…“The product sells itself”…or “All you have to do is get a few of your friends to join and you can retire”…I just want to jump up and yell BULLSHIT!

This website is just that…me saying “Enough of this bullshit.”

I’ll do my best to teach you the lessons that I’ve learned, and the TRUTH about this industry as I have come to understand it.

So click on the Blog tab and read my training post! (you can also access the most recent post on the right side of the screen)

~John Deckard


John Deckard